Sponsor Licence for Employers to employ persons from outside of the UK

Deputyship applications RKB Law Solicitors Maidstone Kent

In certain industries there is a real skill shortage in the UK, which means that organisations have no choice but to look into recruiting employees from outside of the UK.  This gap in skill shortages has been furthered following Brexit. If a non-British worker wishes to come to the UK for purposes of work, they…

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The Times Lawyer of the Week – Ravinder Brar

Ravinder Brar, the Director of RKB Law, has been working tirelessly for the last two years, in representing Pam and Roy Hickmott, the parents of Tony Hickmott, a 44 years old man with autism, who was detained in hospital since 2001.  His parents, Pam and Roy have been seeking justice for their son in securing…

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Applying for British Nationality

Immigration Solicitor RKB Law Solicitors Maidstone Kent

A non-British national must make an application to the Home Office for Naturalisation to become a British citizen. There are several different ways to apply for naturalisation and the route which applies to you will depend on your individual circumstances but there are certain core criteria which applies in all applications.  If the criteria set…

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Purchasing Land, Right of Way & Property Law Update

property law and purchasing land

Purchasing land and resultantly managing residential property is governed by a number of highly detailed and everchanging laws which landlords must abide by. As a result, many people invest in the specialists’ knowledge of public law solicitors in order to navigate the complex legislation that protects the investments of landlords. Right of way disputes are…

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Children And The Law: How UK Immigration Law Affects Families

children and the law

In 2019 there were staggering 175,891 applications for British citizenship, which was 24% more than the previous year. Ultimately with legislations changing regularly, navigating UK immigration law can be a very troublesome, complicated and a time-consuming process. As a result, many people take up the legal assistance of immigration law solicitors in order to give…

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What Is The Legal Aid Eligibility Criteria & How Can Solicitors Help?

Legal Aid

Legal procedures cost the UK billions of pounds each year. Putting things into perspective, in 2017 alone, HMCTS (Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunals Service) had an annual expenditure of £1.8 billion and employed 16,320 staff. For individuals going to court, this can be a huge financial burden. To help with this expenditure, legal aid is…

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Registration of a Child as a British Citizen

A child’s right to British citizenship

British nationality law is complex, and this makes it difficult for individuals to understand their rights and be successful in their claims for nationality.   Each potential application for registration of a minor as a British citizen requires thorough consideration of the child’s and their parents’ current nationality status and immigration history.  In this article we…

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How Can a Specialist Immigration Solicitor help you?

Immigration Solicitor

At RKB Law, we want to ensure you know all there is to know about immigration law and how the immigration solicitors at the firm can help you, no matter what your situation. What is UK Immigration Law? One of the fundamental principles of the rule of law is that the law “must be accessible…

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What is the Difference Between Public and Private Law?

private law

Legal terminology or as it is often referred to ‘legal jargon’ can be confusing.  There are many different types of law, ranging from private law to criminal law, administrative law and international law. The distinction between public law and private law has been an ever present. The best place to start in understanding this difference…

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