Civil Liberties

Civil Liberties law helps individuals who have been wrongfully arrested, falsely detained, or have received mistreatment at the hands of the Police, the Crown Prosecution Service, or in prison, mental health or other detention facilities.

Under Civil Liberty law, an individual who has had their civil liberties infringed upon are able to seek accountability and redress from the offending public body. Civil actions that can be pursued include:

  • Civil actions against the police or other authorities including immigration detention and unlawful detention under the Mental Capacity Act 2005.
  • Police complaints
  • Pursuing Judicial Reviews of decisions taken by public bodies
  • Bringing challenges under the Human Rights Act
  • Equality and Discrimination claims
  • Challenging failures to investigate crimes
  • Holding authorities to account following deaths or injury in detention
  • Human Rights in Healthcare claims

We are here to protect your civil liberties

If you are concerned that your human rights or the human rights of anyone you know have been infringed, or if you have suffered wrongs or ill-treatment at the hands of a public body, you need to seek legal advice as quickly as possible.

At RKB Law, the promotion and protection of human rights and fighting inequality, injustice, and discrimination is at the core of what we do. Our human rights lawyers work with integrity, providing clear and concise advice and representation to all our clients.

If you feel you have been wrongfully arrested, falsely detained, or have received mistreatment at the hands of the social services, health, immigration, the police or other public authorities, our experienced team of Civil Liberties solicitors can help you with your case.

At RKB Law we represent clients in pursuing a complaint, disciplinary proceedings or any of the full range of civil claims against the Police or other detaining authorities.

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