Human Rights & Civil Liberties

What are Human Rights and Civil Liberties?

Human rights are there to protect you. If you believe you have suffered a breach of your human rights, we can help you.

Human rights cover the basic level of protection and freedoms that everyone can expect from the state, and allows enforcement of those rights against public bodies.

The most important purpose of Human Rights law is to ensure that everyone is protected against state oppression including unlawful killings, torture, brutality, and slavery to help people to live with the freedom of expression, dignity, and to enjoy the right to a private and family life. Human Rights law also demands fair trials in public, respect for interests in property and educational preferences, and that any discrimination by the state is properly justified.

Human rights law applies to all actions brought by public bodies. Whether the public body is the Government, the Courts, regulators, NHS organisations, local authorities, defence forces, the police, or the prison services all legal action and decisions must be informed with respect to human rights.

While human rights are there to ensure a just and fair legal system, they are sometimes breached unknowingly, and sometimes deliberately, but with serious consequences in most cases.  The breach can be challenged under the Human Rights Act 1998. 

Under the Human Rights Act 1998 claims for a declaration of a breach of rights and compensation can be brought within 12 months of the action challenged unless it is a judicial review case, which has a time limit of three months. Human rights claims are often brought by way of judicial review which allows a court to review the actions of a public body and can achieve outcomes that could not be reached outside of court.

Have your human rights been breached?

If you are concerned that your human rights or those of anyone you know have been infringed, or if you have suffered wrongs or ill-treatment at the hands of a public body, you need to seek legal advice as quickly as possible.

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