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At RKB Law, we specialise in 8 specific areas of law and have specialist solicitors handling matters in each of these complex areas.


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Courty of Law judicial review solicitor

Public law is the system by which courts can review and control the administrative functions of the state.

Public law is there to ensure that all decisions taken by a government body are taken lawfully and that fair procedures are followed.

Landlord & Tenant Law RKB Kent

We provide specialist guidance for Landlords and tenants on a wide range of Housing Law matters.

Our Property Solicitors are highly experienced at providing solutions for Housing Law issues for both tenants and landlords, and act fast and tenaciously to address cases as quickly as possible.

Immigration Law

Immigration law can affect all aspects of our lives.

Whether you have a Visa or Immigration issue you need a specialist Immigration Solicitor who can bring your matter to the best outcome.


Human rights law applies to all action brought by public bodies.

Whether the public body is the Government, the Courts, regulators, NHS organisations, local authorities, defence forces, the police, or the prison services all legal action and decisions must be informed with respect to human rights.


Family law issues are often very sensitive, whether you are facing a divorce, separation, issues involving children, or are the victim of domestic violence or abuse.

We understand that when an individual experiences difficulty in their private or family life a compassionate approach to resolving family disputes is required.


Disability Discrimination law

The right to freedom from discrimination is contained in Article 14 of the ECHR. This means that it is illegal to discriminate on any grounds, including sex, race, language, religion, political beliefs, gender, sexual orientation, and disability.

If you have experienced discrimination because of any of these personal attributes, you may be able to make an equality and discrimination claim.


Court of Protection law legal services

If unsolvable disputes arise between people who are responsible for making these important decisions, it may be necessary to seek assistance from the Court of Protection.

The Court of Protection is the judicial body responsible for making decisions that relate to the management of finances and other affairs of individuals who lack the mental capacity to do so themselves.


community care law legal services

Getting the right community care for you or someone you care for is key for a dignified life.

Community care covers a broad range of subjects, but its main function is protecting access to health and social services from the NHS and Local Authorities for vulnerable individuals.


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