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Purchasing Land, Right of Way & Property Law Update

Purchasing land and resultantly managing residential property is governed by a number of highly detailed and everchanging laws which landlords must abide by. As a result, many people invest in the specialists’ knowledge of public law solicitors in order to navigate the complex legislation that protects the investments of landlords.

Right of way disputes are also far more common than you may imagine for landlords. These can make it extremely difficult or even impossible for you to be able to keep the access you need to your property.

Keep reading to become updated with property law and discover how you can benefit from specialist public law advice when it comes to both purchasing land and right of way disputes.

What Landlord Legal Services Are Available?

There is a wide variety of legal services available from public law solicitors. They deliver strategic advice to help landlords to manage the letting process from the outset of purchasing land.

Often property owners invest in landlords legal services that help to avoid court proceedings being issued. Whether you have a portfolio of 1 or 100 properties, the same issues are relevant to you and you will be held accountable for the same laws and legislation’s.

Public law solicitors are able to provide legal advice and assistance regardless of whether a dispute has already arisen or proceedings are being issued. There are a wide array of issues which you may require advice on, including tenancy agreements and rent deposits, guarantees, termination, extensions, termination, possession and much more.

At RKB Law, our dedicated Landlord Law solicitors deliver expert services for landlords on a variety of issues. We can assist you with the following Landlord Legal Services:

  • Landlord and Tenant
  • Public Law & Judicial Review
  • Home
  • Immigration
  • Community Care
  • Drafting tenancy agreements
  • Complying with tenancy deposit scheme requirements
  • Human Rights & Civil Liberties
  • Court of Protection & Mental Capacity
  • Equality & Discrimination
  • Taking the right action regarding tenants who are in rent arrears or in breach of their tenancy agreement
  • Disrepair issues including defending landlords in County Court claims for disrepair brought by tenants
  • Ending a tenancy and recovering possession of the property

How Do You Deal with Right of Way Property Disputes?

Right of way disputes may be a common issue for property owners but that does not mean they are always simple to resolve. The most common cause of a right of way dispute comes from an individual assuming that an area of land belonging to someone else which they were using for access either belonged to them or was public property.

Often, right of way disputes can cause difficult issues if an individual has been using an area of land for some time before a landlord opts to reassert his rights over it. This is a complicated issue and therefore requires technical knowledge and experienced public law solicitors in order to come to the right conclusion for all parties involved.

Businesses can also suffer in a big way from right of way disputes. For example, it may be stopping customers get to your premises and therefore having a detrimental impact on the success of your financial turnover. Regardless of whether it is an organisation or individual experiencing a right of way disagreement, it is vital that this is solved as soon as possible to minimise the distress caused to both parties.

It is far more cost and time effective to avoid having to go through the court systems during a right of way property dispute. Instead, an agreement or easement can usually be met without the need to go through the courts.

An easement allows for someone to enter/use someone else’s land for a specified purpose. This compromise of sorts essentially allows someone to enter a property without having any ownership of it. An easement can be formed in multiple different ways.

A necessity can be granted in which an area of land has a right of way usage for the public. This plot of land will have right of way over a path, track or road leading to it only if this is the only means of access between that area and the public highway. When an individual is evidenced to be carrying out a trespassing act repeatedly without the landowner’s permission for a period of at least twenty years then a prescription is often adjudged.

As is usually the best form of solution, an express grant is achieved where both parties are able to agree over a Deed of Grant. This grant can be achieved with the legal help of public law solicitors and will ultimately state the terms of the easement.

What Are Property Solicitors?

Property solicitors are at hand to help with a wide variety of both landlord and tenant housing matters. The likes of housing disputes can be hugely stressful for everyone involved. A property solicitor will ensure you reach the best outcome possible for your specific case whilst minimising the stress involved.

Ultimately, it does not matter at what stage along with the dispute you are in your Housing Law issue, property solicitors will act fast and dynamically to resolve the case as soon as possible.

RKBLaw’s experienced and expert property solicitors can assist in in all areas of housing law for both landlords and tenants, including issues involving:

  • Claims for disrepair and compensation
  • Service charges disputes
  • Possession proceedings
  • Rent deposit disputes
  • Discrimination claims
  • Eviction proceedings

Expert Help Is at Hand

RKB Law has experience offering consultancy and advice for a wide array of public law issues. We can help advise you with any issue you are having in regards to purchasing land, right of way and any other form of tenancy disagreement or issue.

Our public law and property Solicitors will guide you in any Landlord & Tenant matter or issues arising with housing authorities, housing applications, tenants, landlords, ownership, and repairs. Our Housing Law team also represents clients in the courts, always ensuring that clients receive the highest level of representation and assistance throughout their case.

RKB Law Solicitors have years of experience in working with a variety of cases associated with immigration. Get in contact today for further information.