Gender Discrimination

Gender Discrimination

For years, women have been battling to receive equal status and pay in the workplace due to Gender Discrimination.

Gender discrimination in the workplace is illegal, and is not just limited to women, sometimes men are also the victims of gender discrimination at work.

Employers have the responsibility to not follow practices and policies that disadvantage either of the sexes, and should not favour one or the other when making decisions on recruitment or promotion. If harassment or gender discrimination comes from another member of staff, your employer is still ultimately responsible. 

Making a case for gender discrimination is a complicated process. The laws in this area are complex and often require a judgement on what is reasonable on part of the employer. Sometimes exceptions to the rule can apply, but they must always be proven.

At RKB Law we will clarify any complexities and prepare your case so that your claim for gender discrimination stands the very best chance of success.

If you believe you have been  the victim of race discrimination, or been discriminated on this ground by a decision of a public body, we can help you to bring a claim to have any discrimination accounted for and the decision to be put right or compensation to be paid. 

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